God's Healing Code

Dr. Chris Greene, Instructor
Course Code: Heb-103

A. Course Description
G-d’s Healing Code is a series of eleven lessons that provides practical solutions to reduce weight and improve health. Building on Scriptural truths revealed through the prophetic tongue of Hebrew, students learn how Science and The Bible not only are in agreement, but confirm one another. After completing the course, students will have learned simple practices to eliminate obesity and improve their health in measurable ways; things like blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar and reduced pain.

B. Course Objectives

1. Know the truth about lasting weight loss
2. Understand inflammation and the connection to disease
3. Learn how Biblical Hebrew explains modern day problems
4. Have practical solutions for illness and pain

C. Requirements for Credit 
Passing grade of 75% or more on Final Test

D. Grading Scale:
There is only Pass or Fail for this course

E. About the Instructor: Dr. Christopher Greene, D.C.
Author, Wellness Consultant, Diet and Exercise Expert.
Director of Biblical Studies, Hebrew World, Inc.

Combining over 30 years of clinical experience and a decade long immersion into the Hebrew language and Jewish thought has resulted in the book: G-D’S HEALING CODE-A BIBLICAL PRESCRIPTION RESTORING BODY AND SOUL and the companion workbook G-D’S HEALING CODE-THE SUCCESS MANUAL.

Expert in the areas of wellness, pain management, diet, exercise and Hebrew, Dr. Greene’s unusual blend of subjects provides much needed answers for healing both body and soul.